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  • 560

    Donated to the church by Prince Iddon, believed to have been a legendary White Palace, home of the first Welsh parliament

  • 1632

    A mansion exists on the site build in the classic Jacobean manor house style

  • 1847

    Sold by the McNamara family after two generations, was originally won in a card game

  • 1900

    Formed part of the great estate of Lord Glanusk

  • 1912

    Clough Williams-Ellis, who would later go on to design the famous Italianesque village of Portmeirion, re-designed the mansion as a country house, retaining the surviving Jacobean porch as part of the south wing

  • 1919

    Present building completed

  • 1987

    Bought by Sir Bernard Ashley, husband of Laura Ashley, and restored to its former glory

  • 1990

    Opened as a country house hotel in the Edwardian tradition

  • 2012

    Hotel changed ownership. The new owner has confirmed his intention to continue the 'at home' experience which was established by Sir Bernard originally

A rich, fascinating history

From the potential site of the first Welsh parliament in 560AD to being lost in a card game, Llangoed Hall possesses a history as long as it is fascinating

Llangoed Hall was believed to have been the legendary White Palace, home of the first Welsh parliament. A mansion existed from 1632. It was first in the possession of the MacNamara family having been won in a card game and it stayed with them for two generations until 1847. In 1912 Clough Williams Ellis re-designed the mansion as a country house. Sir Bernard Ashley bought Llangoed Hall in 1987 and opened it as a hotel in 1990.

Llangoed was Clough Williams Ellis first major commission and predates Portmeirion, his renowned Italianate village in North Wales, by over a decade