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Llangoed Hall

L.E.T.S. Go Green!

(L)Llangoed (E)Environmental (T)Team for (S)Sustainability
Preserving and protecting our beautiful unspoilt environment for future generations.

lets go Green at Llangoed HallSustainability Policy

Llangoed Hall recognises its environmental responsibility and is wholly committed to work towards a sustainable future, endeavouring to become an environmentally friendly hotel.

“We shall endeavour to become a leader in environmentally friendly hotels, that shall help a sustainable future.”

As we endeavour to create a sustainable future we shall work hard with the following building blocks in mind:

  • We will take responsibility for our impact on the environment
  • We shall raise awareness and motivate change in our people and their actions
  • We shall promote environmental best practice
  • We shall improve financial results without compromising on guest satisfaction
  • We will endeavour as always to implement and adhere to measures that help sustain our local environment on a national platform for generations to come.

Sustainability at Llangoed Hall
sustainability at Llangoed Hall

lets go Green at Llangoed HallOur Guests

Llangoed will endeavour to promote Green Tourism wherever possible and we welcome our guestʼs support in helping to conserve our natural environment. We can all play a small part to keep reducing the impact of our environment:

  • Reduce, Re-use & Recycle: say no thanks to that extra packaging or a bag.
  • Healthy living: gives the car a rest and gives your heart a workout. Take a walk instead of the car.
  • See local, buy local & most importantly eat local: air miles food, out of its local environment growing season, is a major pollutant.
  • Chill out: switch lights off when you go out, close windows and doors when heating is off.
  • Follow the Countryside Code as you look out for the natural environment.

Want to know your Carbon Footprint - go to the Carbon Footprint Calculator:

sustainability at Llangoed Hall

lets go Green at Llangoed HallLlangoed Hall Environment Facts

We have reduced our Carbon Footprint by 138 Tonnes of C02 through better purchasing.

  • Recycling: our used cooking oil is excellent for producing fat balls for our bird feeder or for Bio-Diesel.
  • Saving more than 20,000 litres of water every year thanks to the installation of waterless urinals.
  • Rainwater capture to top up the duck pond, catching 2178 litres of water.
  • All our eggs (duck, hen, bantam and quail) all free range and the girls have produced in 2014 no less than 10,022 eggs.
sustainability at Llangoed Hall

lets go Green at Llangoed HallEnergy

We havee managed to cut energy use by introducing the most up to date technologies such as:

  • LED lights both internally & externally
  • Low energy hairdryers
  • Motion sensor taps and lights

The team at Llangoed makes every effort to run the Hall as efficiently as possible i.e. Kitchen equipment fitted with standby switches, pots having lids placed on them to avoid heat loss. Keeping doors and windows closed to keep the heat in.

These measures in new technologies together with behavioural and attitude changes to the environment has meant that since July 2012 we have reduced the amount of energy by 31% per customer. Equating to nearly 138 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

sustainability at Llangoed Hall

lets go Green at Llangoed HallWater

Here in Wales we take water for granted, however it is a precious resource:

  • We are introducing waterless urinals in the gentʼs loos.
  • The use of “hippo” water savers in our cisterns.
  • The use of spray and mixer taps, which use 1/3 of the water compared with old conventional taps.
  • We capture our rain water and use this to top up the duck pond water, water the plants and irrigate the greenhouse.

These measures have helped save 54,000 litres of water per annum.

sustainability at Llangoed Hall

lets go Green at Llangoed HallFrom the garden to the plate in 2 minutes

We aim to help secure as far as possible a sustainable future of high quality produce to meet our needs through:

  • Sourcing or growing our own food/ingredients within a 5 mile radius with the exception of fish.
  • We are committed to our own & others animal welfare.
  • We support our local environment first and foremost before we shop elsewhere.
  • We ask our suppliers to use minimum packaging where possible and to take back and re-use packaging if hygienically possible to do so.
  • In the winter we can grow 45% of our Vegetables, Soft Fruits & Herbs etc., but during the summer we can have 95% sustainability. From the garden to the plate in 2 minutes, preserving flavour & freshness.
  • Our Tea & Coffee is certified by Rain Forest Alliance & Fair Trade Organisations helping to promote ethical sustainability.
sustainability at Llangoed Hall

lets go Green at Llangoed HallWaste & Recycling

  • The first step is to reduce the amount of waste we produce.
  • Encouraging suppliers to do the same.
  • Encouraging our customers to help with our environment by making them aware of these iniquities via this webpage.
  • Our fish supplier was using polystyrene boxes for delivering the fish, but he now uses cold boxes. Any old polystyrene boxes we now use for growing mushrooms perfectly.
  • We recycle our Cooking oil into fat balls for the birds in winter and also into bio-diesel in the summer.
  • We re-use cardboard as insulating material in buildings around the grounds.
  • We re-mill guest wasted soaps and staff now use this in the staff areas.
  • We compost as much as possible and we task plant cutting every year 4108 plants.

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